GMP 4.3 multiplication performance

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Jun 3 00:07:35 CEST 2009

nisse at (Niels Möller) writes:

  One comment on your interpolation function: You don't need any scratch
  space. But then for the operation
    /* W2 =(W2 - W4)/3 - W0<<2 */
  you use mpn_submul_1 with a constant multiplier of 4, which I imagine
  is more costly than a shift. toom_interpolate_7pts has the same
  problem, and that code does the opposite, it uses mpn_lshift to a
  scratch area followed by mpn_sub_n.
  I'm not sure what's fastest, but it's definitely annoying that you
  can't shift without using a scratch area.
One should use mpn_sublsh_n.  Unfortunately, that function is currently
vapourware, since no such code is finished.  :-)

If using submul_1 removes the last scratch space needs, then perhaps use
it unconditionally, instead of lshift.  Optionally, use sublsh_n if
HAVE_NATIVE_mpn_sublsh_n and submul_1 otherwise.

Here is the full matrix of planned combination function.  The cycle
estimates are for the "1" variants.

						     cycles current/best (c=1)
	shift-by-1		shift-by-c		K8	  P6-15

	addlsh1	(a + 2b)	addlsh	(a + (2^c)b)	2/1.5
	sublsh1	(a - 2b)	sublsh	(a - (2^c)b)	2.21/1.7
	rsblsh1	(2a - b)	rsblsh	((2^c)a - b)	-/1.5

	lsh1add	2(a + b)	lshadd	(2^c)(a + b)	-/1.5
	lsh1sub	2(a - b)	lshsub	(2^c)(a - b)    -/1.5

	addrsh1	(a + b/2)	addrsh	(a + b/(2^c))	-/1.5
	subrsh1	(a - b/2)	subrsh	(a - b/(2^c))	-/1.7
	rsbrsh1	(a/2 - b)	rsbrsh	(a/(2^c) - b)	-/1.5

	rsh1add	(a + b)/2	rshadd	(a + b)/(2^c)	2.14/1.5
	rsh1sub	(a - b)/2	rshsub	(a - b)/(2^c)	2.14/1.5

	addadd  (a + b + c)				-/2
	addsub  (a + b - c)				-/2


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