GMP for OpenVMS

Jouk Jansen joukj at
Wed Mar 12 13:28:21 CET 2008

Hi all,

I created a port of GMP for OpenVMS (tested on an Alpha). Since the
Vax-macro routines in the distro did not compile on my Alpha I used the
generic c-routines instead (in future they can be replaced by Alpha-macro
routines, if needed). The port passes all tests included in GMP and also all
the test I did with the MPFR-package pass (only one tiny harmless problem in
one of the mpfr tests, which has to do with the strtol function).

How I did it van be found at:
The patch file contains anly two files which originate from the GMP distro
   longlong.h : change the __vax__ preforcessor macro into __VMS
   tests/misc/t-locale.c : redefine for VMS-only localeconv & nl_langinfo
          to avoid multiple define warnings at link time.
All the other files in the patch are OpenVMS compile support files (VMS-type
make files etc...)

Feel free to add OpenVMS support into the "official" GMP distribution.


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