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Thu Mar 22 06:24:07 CET 2007

Partner Marketing (developer relations) hired Astute Research to help  
them identify 20-25 Open Source HPC applications used by the research  
community. This effort is consistent with their charter. The Sun  
engineers assigned to this project are committed to work within the  
communities guidelines so contributed code would serve all supported  
platforms--they they are interested in maximizing performance on Sun,  
but I don't believe they plan contributing Sun-only code.

BTW: Partner Marketing's charter is to increase the number of  
applications on the Sun and Solaris platform. They typically work  
with commercial software vendors.

So what's Sun up to?  It's a straight forward program. Sun benefits  
by increasing the number of research applications on Sun's Solaris  
X86 platforms and demonstrating a commitment to the academic  
community, which increases demand for Sun hardware within the  
research community (note: Sun hardware was recently chosen for a  
major deployment at the Texas Advanced Computer Center, TACC).  
Although I cannot speak for Sun's business plans, they have expressed  
interest in hosting a select number of these applications in their  
SunGrid hosting centers and providing compute power back to the  
research user communities--your users.

They want to maximize the impact of the limited engineering resources  
assigned to this program, so the main criteria for Sun to get  
involved in that the application is in wide use within the research  

I hope this answers your questions. If you are interested, I'm happy  
to introduce you to the Sun people running the program.



On Mar 21, 2007, at 7:26 PM, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:

> John Ravella <johnr at> writes:
>   According to my initial research, GMP is a popular applications used
>   in research areas of interest to Sun Microsystems.
>   If interested in Sun's program for GMP, please contact me for a more
>   detailed explanation of the program.
> Please tell us what Sun is up to.  A fork, like Intel's MKL?
> Whatever Sun might be up to, I continue to develop the official GNU
> GMP in my pace and as time permits.  I usually accept good patches
> from individuals, if it is something not already in the GMP
> development cvs.  I do not usually accept non-trivial vendor specific
> patches, in particular not from enterprises.  This might sound
> stubborn, but I really will not work for free, until I get free food,
> free housing, free travel, free computers, and free beer.
> -- 
> Torbjörn

John Ravella
johnr at

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