Sun Microsystems high-performance research software project

John Ravella johnr at
Thu Mar 22 01:11:31 CET 2007

My name is John Ravella and my firm, Astute Research, has been  
retained by Sun Microsystems, SunGrid Partner Marketing to conduct a  
study of community-based research projects that use HPC grids  
application. The results will be a recommendation list of research  
communities and applications for an engineering effort (free of any  
costs) to port and tune grid (or cluster) applications to the Sun's  
Intel-based grid platform. Partner Marketing has established this  
outreach program to increase the number of high-performance, open  
source applications serving research communities.

According to my initial research, GMP is a popular applications used  
in research areas of interest to Sun Microsystems.

If interested in Sun's program for GMP, please contact me for a more  
detailed explanation of the program.

John Ravella
johnr at

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