Exporting a gmp_rndstate_t?

Christopher Creutzig ccr at sciface.com
Thu Jun 14 17:05:19 CEST 2007

Pedro Gimeno Fortea wrote:

> Anyway you're asking for a way to export to mpz_t; do you really need  
> that format? I mean, the plans are to include an export routine which  

 Not really "need", no. The point why I'm asking is that we have to wrap
all gmp types into types of our own (presenting them to the user in an
interactively usable system which has a lot of other types, too) and
introducing a new type for the random state, which can be used in
exactly one place, seems rather odd to me. So, I'd prefer to have an
opaque integer instead, since all the scaffolding and memory management
etc. for that is already in place.

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