Exporting a gmp_rndstate_t?

Christopher Creutzig ccr at sciface.com
Wed Jun 6 11:05:18 CEST 2007


 is it possible to (portably) export and re-import a gmp_rndstate_t, as
an mpz_t can be via mpz_export and mpz_import (plus storing the sign)?
(If this limitation is necessary, an answer only valid for the MT
algorithm would probably be fine.)

 On a slightly related note, I'd be happy to find a way of converting a
gmp_rndstate_t to an (opaque) mpz_t which can be converted back to a
gmp_rndstate_t without the runtime overhead required for the current
initialization from an unsigned int. Here, I don't really bother whether
the random state remains the same, I just need a deterministic outcome.
Does something like this exist?

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