new Toom code

Dominique DELANDE Dominique.Delande at
Mon Jan 15 10:30:20 CET 2007

Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
> Dominique DELANDE <Dominique.Delande at> writes:
>   This might be a stupid question due to my misunderstanding of basic things.
>   I would like to test the new Toom code, in GMP Development Tidbits.
>   In mpn/generic/mul_toom42.c,
>   there is a call to mpn_toom3_interpolate, but I cannot find
>   this function. There is toom3_interpolate function in mul_n.c, but with 
>   a different interface. Is some file missing ?
> Sorry for the confusion.
> Please download the file I just added to the list, and please download
> the updated mul_toom42.c.  Does it work now?

Yes, it does. I tested with gmp-chudnovsky and got a 2-3% speedup. Not bad!
Thanks a lot.

Dominique Delande

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