gmpbench: Ultra40 Solaris10 Studio11

Myria myriachan at
Mon Apr 9 10:25:46 CEST 2007

Mac uses BSD binutils instead of GNU binutils, despite using GCC.  The 
assembly code won't assemble because its references to the global offset 
table aren't understood by BSD "as".

If you hack "configure" to make a C-only makefile on Intel Mac, it compiles 
and passes "make test".  PowerPC Macs compile and test GMP without issue.


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> Torbjorn Granlund
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> writes:
>> I really don't know the problem with Macs, I only know it has not
>> been ported.  If the problems are due to bugs in Max OS X or due to
>> intensional oddness of the OS, I don't know.
> The linker and linker conventions, in particular with shared
> libraries, is somehow different. There's some information at
>, but I don't
> really know the details.
> /Niels 

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