MIPS64 query

Jonathan Day imipak at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 15 01:21:17 CET 2006


I'm compiling GMP on a Broadcom 1250 (also known as a
Sibyte SB1) which is a dual-core* processor in the
MIPS64 family. That, in itself, is not a problem. GMP
compiles fine, as does MPFR.

*Those who write for the chip more often claim it to
be a duel-core.

The default values for the mips64/gmp-mparam.h,
however, don't match the values by tuneup quite

I guess the first question would be "is the Broadcom
1250 of enough interest that it would be useful for me
to post the results of the tests to the list?"

If the answer is yes, the second question would be
"what tests would be the most useful to run?" I would
assume speed, tuneup and gmpbench, but because
Broadcom's design is a little... odd, I could imagine
that some of the developers might want additional


Jonathan Day

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