doc license change possible ?

Steve M. Robbins steven.robbins at
Sun Feb 5 06:38:02 CET 2006

Dear GNU MP Developers,

I'm writing to you as the maintainer of the Debian GNU MP packages
to ask whether the license of the GNU MP documentation can be changed.

The current GNU MP documentation is under the GNU Free Documentation
License (GFDL).  This license (in its current form) is widely held 
to be contrary to Debian's Free Software Guidelines.  See, e.g., the
draft position statement []
on GFDL that is undergoing debate proceeding a general vote

Because of this conflict, all documentation licensed under GFDL is
being removed from Debian for the next release.  See
[] for GNU MP.  In practice, this means
that the documentation package will not be available on the official
Debian CDs, and only available from the "non-free" distribution

I'm wondering whether there is any possibility of obtaining the
documentation under the GPL or LGPL or whatever it was prior to GFDL,
either by re-licensing the docs or offering a dual licensing scheme.


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