GMPBench for Sun Fire T2000

Greg Childers jgchilders at
Wed Apr 26 01:07:32 CEST 2006

>How was the system identified when you ran configure?  What *.asm
>files do you find in the build directory's "mpn" subdirectory?

It was identified as sparc-sun-solaris2.10.  I 
did run into a small problem, though.  Although 
the 64-bit kernel was running, configure would 
not let me specify ABI=64, insisting that only 32 
was available.  I got around this by pretending to be doing a cross-compile.

The SPARC-specific file in the mpn subdirectory are
add_n.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/add_n.asm
addmul_1.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/addmul_1.asm
addmul_2.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/addmul_2.asm
copyd.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/copyd.asm
copyi.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/copyi.asm
dive_1.c -> .././mpn/sparc64/dive_1.c
divrem_1.c -> .././mpn/sparc64/divrem_1.c
lshift.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/lshift.asm
mod_1.c -> .././mpn/sparc64/mod_1.c
mode1o.c -> .././mpn/sparc64/mode1o.c
mul_1.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/mul_1.asm
rshift.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/rshift.asm
sqr_diagonal.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/sqr_diagonal.asm
sub_n.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/sub_n.asm
submul_1.asm -> .././mpn/sparc64/submul_1.asm

Everything else used the generic versions.


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