GMP Machine Support

Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader leader at
Tue Mar 22 12:02:34 CET 2005

* Brent Fulgham <bfulg at> [2005-03-17 14:40]:
> I noticed that the GNU MP math library project has
> requested access to ARM and 64-bit Intel processors to
> assist in optimizing for these architectures.
> (see

We can definitely give you accounts on an ARM box.

What does "Pentium 4 6x0 running 64-bit BSD or 64-bit GNU/Linux"
refer to?  If this is an EM64T box, we can give you accounts.

My laptop is a "Pentium M model 9 (i.e. 130nm)".  I can give you

I can also give you accounts on mips/mipsel, and I can find people who
can give you accounts on virtually any other architecture supported by

Can you please send me SSH public keys for the developers who will
need access (or GPG IDs so we can set a password and email it to them
encrypted), then I'll arrange accounts to be created.
Martin Michlmayr
leader at

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