Patrick Pelissier Patrick.Pelissier at loria.fr
Tue Sep 21 17:40:58 CEST 2004

> No need, I checked the GCC change logs and found that builtin_constant_p
> was added Mars 1991 and that 2.0 was released in February 1992.
> Can you check if GCC 1.42 defined __GNUC__ to 1, or if it defined it to
> empty?
 GCC 1.42 defines __GNUC__ to 1.
> Please also try this snippet in gmp-impl.h:
> /* Dummy for non-gcc, code involving it will go dead. */
> #if ! defined (__GNUC__) || __GNUC__ < 2
> #define __builtin_constant_p(x)   0
> #endif
 '__builtin_constant_p' is also used in gmp.h, so I don't think
using such a code is a good idea.
 But it works.

 When I make GCC 1.42 works properly (i.e. to be able to link without hacking), 
I will try to build GMP.

  Patrick Pelissier

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