Patch for inp_str.c to accep 0x for base 16

Craig Johnston cjohnsto at
Sat Oct 23 11:53:02 CEST 2004

This is the first time I have sent anything to this list so please be
patient. I decided to contribute to GMP so I took a look a the tasks file.
Attached are a tar file with the files I changed to implement and add
testing for the task: " Make the string reading functions allow the `0x'
prefix when the base is explicitly 16. They currently only allow that prefix
when the base is unspecified (zero).".
I am not very familiar with GMP, I have only compiled a few programs with it
so I hope that this is infact what you were looking for. It is possible I
will take a look at doing some of the other task too. If I manage to
complete some what will be the best way to send you updates for review? And
is the formatting I used correct? I tried to keep to what is in the file I
was editing.

It is a simple extention to also allow this for base 2, if you would like.

I am not yet subscribed to this list so please respond to my email address
for discussion about this item.

Craig Johnston.
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