Hardware Montgomery Multiply in VIA Esther processors

Tom Crispin crispin at centtech.com
Wed Dec 15 23:35:25 CET 2004

Hi --

Centaur Technology (we make the VIA x86 compatible processors) is
adding hardware support for Montgomery Multiply in our Esther
processor, due to ship sometime 1H2005.

I'm seeing about a 4x speedup in modulo exponentiation (and thus in
RSA operations) using our new instruction, relative to GMP.  What we
would like to see is direct support for our hardware in GMP itself.

Now, while I could probably write and submit a patch, as the "token
programmer" here (pretty much everybody else is a logic/circuit
designer) my plate is full. So I'm looking for a little help.
[ I might do it anyway depending on my projects at home, but ... ]

Once we have a few more silicon samples, we can send
systems to appropriate GMP developers.  Would someone (or
someones *grin*) please contact me and let me know if the GMP
development team is interested?


-- Tom Crispin

	crispin at centtech.com

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