Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Fri Apr 23 17:15:48 CEST 2004

Andreas Enge <enge at> writes:

  It would definitely be regrettable if the major free multiprecision
  library could not be compiled with the major free c compiler...
It would be regrettable if the GNU project's parts would not
interoperate due to quality problems, but it is exactly what's
happening in front of our eyes.

  > quick to break new things, wouldn't be successful unless we made
  > very frequent gmp releases.  :-)
  ...even more so since it is not released very frequently. So I hope
  you will find a workaround.
We will be able to work around this gcc bug, since it so happens
that we will release gmp just after gcc was released.  But if we
were to release gmp after each gcc release, working around the
new set of gcc bugs, we would be busy...

Supposedly, gmp would be a test case and release criteria for gmp
releases after a decision in the GCC Steering Committee last
autumn.  Either that was never implemented, or this gcc parser
bug was not considered serious enough.  (It has long been the
case that gcc is released with with thousands of test failures.)


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