Frobenius Probable Prime Test

Rick Lavoie Rick Lavoie" <
Mon, 12 May 2003 22:36:28 -0400

> Jason Moxham had proposed that, and was looking into it.  We're unsure
> at the moment quite where it would fit in.  It might be better to have
> various prime tests available individually instead of the current
> single entrypoint.  Some things like that could start off in the demos
> directory, if nothing else.

 Alright, I've written the code. I don't know where to send it, but it can
found here:

 I don't have access to a linux system, but it compiles without error in
VC++. I've tried to keep everything ANSI, but I might have overlooked
something. It can be incorporated as is into the demos section, or, with a
bit of modification put into the main code. It's passed every test I've
thrown at it, but it should probably be tested further. I'm sure it's got
plenty of room with optimization as well.

 - Rick Lavoie