Torbjorn Granlund
23 Oct 2002 19:24:23 +0200

[Follow-ups to gmp-devel, since this is about GMP development.]

These are nice speedups for large operands, but also large
slowdowns for the very important range of small numbers.
That needs to be addressed.

The code is almost uncommented.  There aren't even any comments
with an overview of the algorithms, or any comments before each
of the very many functions.

Is an entirely new type, float_t, and 20 functions manipulating
that type, really necessary?  And surely, they should not be
exported to the user?

GMP is almost entirely volunteer work, which makes it important
to contribute mature code.  You need to work much more on your
code before it is ready for us GMP maintainers.

This might be a discouraging reply, and I understand that it is
much more fun hacking things that run than to mature them for GMP
inclusion.  Unfortunately, sompebody needs to do the latter, or
the code will remain a local hack on your computer.