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Wed Nov 16 07:05:58 UTC 2016

details:   /var/hg/www/rev/c34c03e1b3a9
changeset: 231:c34c03e1b3a9
user:      Torbjorn Granlund <tg at gmplib.org>
date:      Wed Nov 16 08:05:53 2016 +0100
Update items.


 devel/mini-gmp-status.html |  88 ++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
 1 files changed, 47 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)

diffs (159 lines):

diff -r 35511b27fd2a -r c34c03e1b3a9 devel/mini-gmp-status.html
--- a/devel/mini-gmp-status.html	Mon Nov 14 21:30:52 2016 +0100
+++ b/devel/mini-gmp-status.html	Wed Nov 16 08:05:53 2016 +0100
@@ -1,12 +1,13 @@
-  <title>Mini-GMP bug status</title>
+  <title>Mini-GMP status</title>
   <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">
   <link rel="stylesheet" href="new.css">
   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
   <style type="text/css"> td {padding-left:3pt; padding-right:3pt; white-space:nowrap;}</style>
   <style type="text/css"> th {padding-left:3pt; text-align:center;}</style>
+  <style type="text/css"> li {margin-bottom: 2pt;}</style>
@@ -28,8 +29,8 @@
       <td style="text-align:center;">
-	<span style="font-size:200%;">Mini-GMP bug status</span> <br>
-	<span style="font-size:75%;">Last modified: 2016-11-14 </span>
+	<span style="font-size:200%;">Mini-GMP status</span> <br>
+	<span style="font-size:75%;">Last modified: 2016-11-16 </span>
@@ -49,19 +50,21 @@
-<tr> <td> P0 <td> highest severity
-<tr> <td> P1 <td> medium severity
-<tr> <td> P2 <td> lowest severity
+<tr style="background-color:#803030;"> <td> highest severity
+<tr style="background-color:#806030;"> <td> medium severity
+<tr style="background-color:#306030;"> <td> lowest severity
+<li style="background-color:#306030;">
+  <del>
   GMP_CHECK_RANDOMIZE is not always printed for failing tests.  This makes it
   hard to reproduce intermittent failures.  It needs to be printed earlier,
   and/or a buffer needs flushing.
+  </del>
+<li style="background-color:#806030;">
   There are inexplicable timeouts (or possibly excessive memory use)
   triggered by t-pprime_p for some of our systems:
@@ -73,24 +76,20 @@
   Perhaps the test is simply too slow, or its time varies hugely, or it
   hits an infinite loop.
-  The mini-gmp check target fails when the main build does not use the
-  compiler default ABI.  This affects:
-  <ul>
-    <li> hannahsol32.gmplib.org-dyn:32
-    <li> hannahsol32.gmplib.org-dyn-fat:32
-    <li> shell.gmplib.org-dyn-clang36-clang++36-fat:32
-    <li> shell.gmplib.org-dyn-clang36-clang++36:32
-    <li> shell.gmplib.org-dyn-clang35-clang++35-fat:32
-    <li> shell.gmplib.org-dyn-clang35-clang++35:32
-    <li> shell.gmplib.org-dyn-clang34-clang++34-fat:32
-    <li> shell.gmplib.org-dyn-clang34-clang++34:32
-    <li> shell.gmplib.org-dyn-clang33-clang++33-fat:32
-    <li> shell.gmplib.org-dyn-clang33-clang++33:32
-  </ul>
-  One may wonder why not more configs are affected!
+<li style="background-color:#806030;">
+  The mini-gmp check target fails when the main build does not use the compiler
+  default ABI.  This affects hundreds of config.
+<li style="background-color:#806030;">
+  <del>
+  For some good reason, mini-gmp's Makefile requires GNU make.  We have now
+  made significant changes to the testclient.sh script to accomodate this when
+  possible, without also requiring (or even defaulting to) GNU make for GMP
+  proper.  There might be bugs in the new code, only subsequent testing can
+  tell.
+  </del>
+<li style="background-color:#806030;">
   There are failures with t-str, this affects
     <li> olympic.gmplib.org-dyn:64
@@ -98,21 +97,23 @@
     <li> olympic.gmplib.org:64
-  The t-div test intermittently fails on at least
-  sky.gmplib.org-k10-dyn-clang-3.6-clang++-3.6:64 (note that it uses
-  clang, which means the likelihood of a compiler bug being the culprit
-  is perhaps high).
+<li style="background-color:#803030;">
+  Arithmetic problems triggered by t-div, demonstrated by
+  <a href="https://gmplib.org/devel/tm/gmp/check/failure/sky.gmplib.org-k10-dyn-clang-3.6-clang++-3.6:64.txt">
+  sky</a>.  (But since this example uses clang, it might as well be a
+  compiler bug.)
+<li style="background-color:#806030;">
+  <del>
   The t-limbs test triggers an assert.  It looks like any config could
   trigger this, but thus far it has only happened on these:
     <li> shell.gmplib.org-dyn-gcc49-g++49:64
     <li>  ivydeb32v7.gmplib.org-stat-fat:32.
+  </del>
+<li style="background-color:#806030;">
   On alpha, t-cmp_d fails:
     <li> dupont.gmplib.org-alphaev4-dyn:standard
@@ -123,19 +124,24 @@
     <li>  dupont.gmplib.org-stat:standard
-  There are what looks like genuine arithmetic problems triggered by
-  t-gcd.  But since the only example is
-  shell.gmplib.org-stat-clang35-clang++35-fat:32 which uses clang, it
-  might also be a compiler bug.
+<li style="background-color:#803030;">
+  Arithmetic problems triggered by t-gcd, demonstrated by
+  <a href="https://gmplib.org/devel/tm/gmp/check/failure/shell.gmplib.org-stat-clang35-clang++35-fat:32.txt">
+  shell</a>.
-  According to valgrind, t-str leaks lots of memory.
+<li style="background-color:#806030;">
+  According to valgrind, t-str leaks many MiB of memory in tens of thousands blocks.
+<li style="background-color:#306030;">
+  <del>
   The seeding triggered by GMP_CHECK_RANDOMIZE is apparently based on seconds
-  since epoch (with some funny skew.  This is not good enough, as tests which
+  since epoch (with some funny skew).  This is not good enough, as tests which
   run at the same time will get the same seed.
+  </del>
+<li style="background-color:#803030;">
+  Arithmetic problems triggered by t-powm, demonstrated by
+  <a href="https://gmplib.org/devel/tm/gmp/check/failure/bwldeb64v7.gmplib.org-dyn-fat:64.txt">bwldeb64v7</a>.

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