[Gmp-commit] /var/hg/www: Remove Debian and OpenBSD warnings, deemed to be ob...

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Mon Sep 30 20:48:22 CEST 2013

details:   /var/hg/www/rev/503299f16291
changeset: 105:503299f16291
user:      Torbjorn Granlund <tege at gmplib.org>
date:      Mon Sep 30 20:48:11 2013 +0200
Remove Debian and OpenBSD warnings, deemed to be obsolete and irrelevant, respectively.


 index.html |  13 +------------
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

diffs (23 lines):

diff -r 546f4b0f6a5e -r 503299f16291 index.html
--- a/index.html	Mon Sep 30 16:26:10 2013 +0200
+++ b/index.html	Mon Sep 30 20:48:11 2013 +0200
@@ -345,18 +345,7 @@
 <p>Issues with GMP 5.1.3:
-  <li> Gcc 4.3.2 miscompiles GMP on 64-bit machines; please use a different gcc
-    version (e.g., gcc 4.3.1 and gcc 4.3.3 both work properly).  Unfortunately,
-    Debian decided to stay with this trouble gcc version for their now-obsolete
-    5.0 release, resulting in that many users strike this bug.  We have no fix
-    or workaround for this bug.
-  </li>
-  <li> No GMP version works under ultrasparc[1234]-unknown-openbsd5.X.  This OS
-    clobbers registers and/or register save areas leading to intermittent GMP
-    miscomputations.  We have not seen any such problems with older OpenBSD
-    releases, nor have we had reports of such serious issues for other OpenBSD
-    platforms.  We have no fix for this issue; but compiling GMP without
-    assembly is a workaround.
+  <li> [No issues discovered thus far.]
 <p>Issues with GMP 5.1.2:

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