errors in make check

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Sat Jan 20 10:46:21 CET 2024

Marc Glisse <marc.glisse at> writes:

  could you check with the latest snapshot from ?

  If that does not help, can you try with a different compiler (a real
  gcc, or maybe a non-Apple llvm, you can probably get them through
  homebrew or macports)?

It would surprise me dearly if these test failures are not due to a
compiler bug.

We have gotten reports of problems with Apple's compilers serveral times
over the years.  Unfortunately, these days I cannot reproduce any of
them on x86 as I do not have access to the current compilers.  (The GMP
project has a few years old Mac x86 hardware, but Apple blocks the
installation of non-obsolete software on these machines.)

Also, isolating these compiler problems is likely a waste of effort.  We
do generally not work around compiler bugs in GMP.

My recommendation for Apple developers is: Get a well-tested compiler.
Avoid Apple's compilers.  The least buggy compiler is gcc, but clang
specifically for x86 is ok.

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