Using make tune, speed_measure error

Aaron brookner.a at
Fri Sep 16 07:57:34 CEST 2022

Hi y'all,

I'm doing a clean build of GMP 6.2.1, trying to follow all of the steps
finally. My "./configfsf.guess" output is "x86_64-pc-linux-gnu", and this
is basically the same infothat "./config.guess" and "uname -a" produces.
I built using "./configure" and make, this went fine I think. Then I cd'ed
into /tune and ran "make tune". I think it runs through most of this
makefile fine. In particular, after running "make tune" a 2nd time, it says
"'tuneup' is up to date" and leaves tune/ directory.

It outputs the parameters for "gmp-mparam.h", and then #define's a bunch of
constants. The last constants it defines before the error are
#define MUL_TOOM6H_THRESHOLD               298
#define MUL_TOOM8H_THRESHOLD               406

Reading the gmp-mparam.h file, I guess it's failing the next test, for

The error then goes "
speed_measure() could not get 4 results within 1.0%
... (2 column table. The first row says "is about 1.0%" in a 3rd column,
but blank for the other rows) ...
", and the next line reads "Aborted (core dumped)".
if that's informative. I can include the table data or whatever else might
be helpful.

Thank y'all for GMP, it's amazing! Best,

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