Using WSL2 to cross-compile from Linux to Windows

Johannes Kauffmann johanneskauffmann at
Mon Sep 5 02:12:30 CEST 2022

On 26/07/2022 21:56, Niels Möller wrote:
> Still makes sense to me. Could perhaps keep $CC at the *end* of the list?
Maybe, maybe not. To me, the original patch seems better. When keeping 
$CC at the
end of the list, you'll get a cryptic error message. With this patch, 
the message
is clear.
> I'm a bit annoyed by the related problem, that it is not enough to pass
> --host to get cross_compilation set properly. For some backwards
> compatiblity reasons one has to explicitly pass --build as well, even
> when config.guess figures out the build system type perfectly right.
> Documented in some detail at
Well, in this case, setting both --host and --build doesn't work.

So I'd be glad if the patch in question could be integrated. The reason 
I'm asking
is because there are a number of open-source projects affected by this 
bug, and would
be benefited if this bug got resolved.

Kinds regards,

Johannes Kauffmann

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