Reporting a gmp bug

jy l linjy0410 at
Wed Oct 26 12:06:51 CEST 2022

Dear developers/maintainers,

Hope this email finds you well!
I'm writing to report a crash we met while using libgmp. The POC looks like
mpz_t n;
mpz_fac_ui(n, 0x10006f);

mpz_t n2;
mpz_nextprime(n2, n);
It seems like in `mpz_nextprime` this line (, when `n` is
very large, it doesn't restrict the value of `odds_in_composite_sieve`
which leads to the `alloca` below crash and might cause more buffer
Could you please help us to verify this bug? Looking forward to your reply,

Best regards,
Jiayi Lin

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