GMP 6.2.1 Aborting when running tuneup program in one.cold()

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Thu Oct 21 16:13:22 UTC 2021

Ciao Simon,

Il 2021-10-20 16:09 Simon Sobisch ha scritto:
> Questions:

> * Should I care running tuneup at all?
>   The application does some heavy computations with it in the range
>   +-99999999999999999 (mostly multiply and divide [often by 10] and

99999999999999999 fits in 63 bits, correct?

For that range, on a 64-bits CPU, the native integer types should be 

The manual, with "extremely large numbers", means much larger bit-sizes.

You probably don't need tuneup at all.

Moreover, the sources of GMP already contain pre-tuned parameters for 
many platforms. They are automatically used by the typical
./condigure&&make&&make check
building process. So that tuning is, in most of the cases, superfluous.

> * As the output of the tuneup utility is different each time and the
>   docs at are more
>   spare than for other parts: Should I run it multiple times and then
>   use the average?

Some thresholds may have a large range of tolerance, some doesn't.
In any case, a collection of parameters needs to be coherent.
So my answer is: use the results from a single run.


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