Configuration on IceLake

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Wed Oct 13 10:59:09 UTC 2021

Arturo Fernandez <afernandez at> writes:

  Just for clarification, I'm no longer seeing the 'm4-ccas: Permission
  denied' error. I started on a fresh system (cloud-based) running
  CentOS8.4, unpacked gmp-6.2.99-20211010014524 and simply run
  ./configure, which returned:
  Version: GNU MP 6.2.99
  Host type: nehalem-pc-linux-gnu

What evidence do you have for this system being an Ice Lake?

And even if it is, you're presumably using a virtualised system (being
in "the cloud") and virtualisers are sometimes configured to pretend the
CPU is of a different type than they actually are.

  This was my original problem, which is that configure is not picking
  up IceLake and assigning nehalem to the host type. I'm not sure if the
  GMPLIB Team is testing these new patches on IceLake HW but it might be
  worth considering before releasing a stable version.

Sneer will not inspire us helping you.

It might be the case that GMP doesn't recognise every family/model which
Intel uses for Ice lake.  If you show us that the cpuid instruction
returns for you system, then we can tell where the problem lies.

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