Configuration on IceLake

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Wed Oct 13 08:29:49 UTC 2021

Arturo Fernandez <afernandez at> writes:

  Hello. I was finally able to get back and work on this
  configuration. Yesterday evening I downloaded the latest version
  (gmp-6.2.99-20211010014524) but it is still unable to recognize
  IceLake. The command configure is returning:
  Version: GNU MP 6.2.99
  Host type: nehalem-pc-linux-gnu
  ABI: 64
  Install prefix: /usr
  Compiler: gcc
  Static libraries: yes
  Shared libraries: yes

It is hard to provide support when the context is lost due do months
long delays.

I am sorry you keep seeing problems with executing exeutable GMP scripts
on several systems.  It is an unusual problem, and not something we can
fix on the GMP side.  We cannot make these scripts "more exeutable".

As I believe I told you, the few times we have had this reported, it has
been caused by ether a poorly chosen umask during tar file extraction,
or filesystem policy against executables.  Both these problems are with
your setup, not with GMP.

You need to debug this locally, if needed with some local help.

Please encrypt, key id 0xC8601622

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