memory leak huge number of digits mpz_mul,mpfsqrt_ui

cents2823 at cents2823 at
Sat Feb 27 08:59:56 UTC 2021

Dear Torbjörn, Paul Zimmermann.
I am not familiar with Valgrund. I installed it but it didn't work properly.Make it work properly and verify test_mul.c and test_sqrt.c.My pc cpu is i7 3930k and other configuration are shown in the first email.
Also I investigate about malloc/free/sbrk/brk/mmap/munmat.I wonder if it is not a memory leak that to free memory at process end by ubuntu.
You checked test cases with valgrind, did you do it with num=200,000,000 or I haven't checked with num=200,000.Does GMP behave differently when num=200,000,000 and 200,000?
Is valgrind correct, don't you check with vmstat 5 -SM,  does not it make sense to check?
I have some doubts but I'm not familiar with unix so I'm not right and GMP has no memory leaks.
Thank. youSusumu Tsukamoto.

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