error during configuration

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Mon Feb 8 14:35:54 UTC 2021

Dear Bence Lovász,

Il 2021-02-08 15:20 Bence Lovász ha scritto:
> I want to benchmark a Graviton2 machine in AWS that has a beefy ARM 
> cpu.
> I attached the output of the script. Please give me some guidelines to 
> fix it!

Did you read the file you sent us?

The last line of the log you attach says:
configure: error: No usable m4

Well, I'd suggest to install m4 :-)

> I tried to compile some smaller parts of the package and gcc replied
> with: -lgmp - unrecognized compiler flag.

And be sure you have a working development environment!

> This might be the root of the issue. Also if you can help me on this,

Sorry, this list is intended for reporting bugs in GMP.


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