m4_error not working?

Niels Möller nisse at lysator.liu.se
Fri Sep 18 06:47:16 UTC 2020

Hi, I was looking at the m4 macrology in mpn/asm-defs.m4 (to borrow some
of it to Nettle). But the error machinery is not working the way I
expect. E.g., m4_length is defined using m4_assert_onearg(). But if I
try using it with an incorrect number of arguments, I get no error:

  $ echo 'm4_length(foo)' | m4 mpn/asm-defs.m4 -
  $ echo 'm4_length(foo, bar)' | m4 mpn/asm-defs.m4 -
  $ echo $?


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