Make check fails on samsung S8 (2)

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Thu Oct 29 06:49:07 UTC 2020

Ciao Marc,

Il 2020-08-22 19:39 Marc Glisse ha scritto:
> Ah, on your OS nl_langinfo is defined inline as a static function in
> langinfo.h, so the hack used in the test of redefining the function
> cannot work. I guess we are supposed to add some configure check that
> nl_langinfo can be redefined... although for just one platform we
> could add a simple #if like we already do for mingw, so the test is
> skipped.

Are you suggesting something like the following?

diff -r 3328dc92960a tests/misc/t-locale.c
--- a/tests/misc/t-locale.c     Sun Oct 25 22:14:38 2020 +0100
+++ b/tests/misc/t-locale.c     Thu Oct 29 02:43:25 2020 +0100
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@

  /* Replace the libc nl_langinfo with one we can manipulate. */
+#if HAVE_NL_LANGINFO && ! defined __TERMUX__
  char *
  nl_langinfo (nl_item n)
  #if defined __cplusplus && defined __GLIBC__


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