GMP bug (?) - unable to build for ARM64 with assembly enabled

Andreas Buff ab at
Thu Oct 15 11:57:29 UTC 2020

Hi Marco,

Am 14.10.20 um 22:21 schrieb Torbjörn Granlund:
> Marco Bodrato <bodrato at> writes:
>    Look for a filename starting with gmp-6.2.0-202010...
>    Then please follow up here!
> I changed how snapshots are managed.
> 1. There are now subdirs for each release series, plus "gmp-next".  The
>     latter is made from the bleeding edge repo.
> 2. We have had an idea of an "active" repo, which is the same as the
>     autobuilds use.  Now, both that active repo and the bleeding edge
>     repo will have snapshots manufactured once per day.
> I've long planned to change the snapshot mechanism even more:
> 3. Make snapshots just after checkins and only after checkins which pass
> some tests.  If n checkins are made in a day, n snapshots are made,
> where n might be 0.
> 4. Do that for all GMP repos
Using the latest snapshot (6.2.99-20201015) fixed the issue.

Thx! A lot!

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