COFF_TYPE on x86_64

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Sat Oct 3 07:11:41 UTC 2020

Jeremy Drake <gmp at> writes:

  I anchored the link to a particular line:

My bad, I didn't see that.

  >   Strangely, the fix for this was only applied to x86, and not x86_64.  This
  >   patch applies the fix to x86_64.
  > What *fix* are you talking about?

You have to forgive me for not guessing that.  My memory of 17 year old
patches are a bit dim.

And considering that amd64 did not exist at the time of that patch, it
is not strange that it wasn't applied to the equally non-existing
mpn/x86_64 directory.

  I sent copied the necessary parts of that to the x86_64 path.

OK, I'll take a look.

  > I recently tried to install msys2 on a Windos 10 system here.  I had
  > some problems and tried to contact the msys2 people at their mailing
  > list.  The message was silently dropped.  Thus, I gave up on msys2 and
  > returned to cygwin.  That's our path forward now.

  I think they are no longer using sourceforge, and are on github.  They are also on

You guess better than me.  Yes, I indeed mailed to the msys2 sourceforge

And they set up the mailing list to silently drop (as opposed to at last
bounce or ideally forward) incoming mail?  Unimpressive.

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