GMP Problem with % under C++

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Fri Nov 6 11:04:22 UTC 2020

Miki Hermann <hermann at> writes:

  I am very well familiar with the % operator in %.


  In the document, whose link you sent me, and which I have read before,
  it is mentioned that

  Function: mpz_class operator% (mpz_class a, mpz_class d)

  This means, that the % operator in GMP overloads the usual % operator
  in C++.


  Just to recall you, for integer a and b, b > 0, the result of the
  modulus operator is an integer in the range 0..b-1. If a is negative,
  the result is equal to (k*b + a) % b for any positive integer k making
  the expression (k*b + a) positive. By definition for a >= 0 and b > 0,
  we have a = q*b + (a % b), where q is an integer called quotient.

Right, but that is irrelevant since % is not a mathematical modulus
operator.  Did you not just say you were "very well familiar" with it?

Did you *really* read the page Marc pointed you to.  This is all
mentioned there.  Please do read it and get on with your life.

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