Problem by compiling GMP 6.0.2 ....

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Thu Mar 26 22:29:14 UTC 2020

"Zhéxué M. Krawutschke [ Net.Admin & Sys.Admin ]"
<net.admin at zhéxué> writes:

  I want to compile GMP 6.0.2 on my ARMv7l - Node, because I need it for
  GNU-C 9.2.0 and 9.3.0 to compile.  This Node is an 32bit - System on
  DEBIAN 10 - Plattform.

We have never released any GMP 6.0.2.

  If I take the command: „.configure ……“ - I´ve got no error - messages.
  But if I take the command: „make“ - I´ve got a message, that there are
  some variables need 64bit:

  In file included from ../gmp-impl.h:147,
                   from fib_table.c:4:
  ../fib_table.h:4:1: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
   Error, error, this data is for 64 bits

You probably forgot to clean out a previous build in the same directory.

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