gmp 6.2.0 build failure in 32-bit mode on Linux/mips

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Sun Jun 14 14:55:14 UTC 2020

Bruno Haible <bruno at> writes:

  No options, just './configure'.
  The environment variable CC is set to 'cc -xarch=v9', as recommended in .

No, the manual certainly does NOT recommended that.

  No, it doesn't say that I *must* set ABI.

Er?  I think the documentation is extremely clear on that point.  It
builds for one ABI (determined to be the "best").  Are you saying that
we should add "if you want a different ABI, GMP will not be able to
deduce that from your attitude or wishes, but you MUST set ABI."

  The manual does not list any allowed
  values for ABI on Linux/mips.

Or for many other systems.  So?  Use your deductive ability instead of
trying your best to fail.

Or are you trying to tell me, that you, Bruno Haible, is not able to
make an educated guess about what ABIs might be available for GNU/Linux
from the information you see about IRIX?

(Sure, we could list more systems there (and purge a few obsolete ones.)

You may not like how the GMP build system works, but lobbying for us to
rewrite it by trying you best to fail might not be the wisest strategy.

  Passing the option '--disable-assembly' solved the problem.

That's just silly and does not prove your point.

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