gmp 6.2.0 build failure in 32-bit mode on Linux/mips

Bruno Haible bruno at
Sat Jun 13 18:04:52 UTC 2020

Torbjörn Granlund wrote:
>   In the section "Build Options" it mentions the possibility to set the CC
>   variable. I've built many packages with this setting of CC.
>   The section "ABI and ISA" has a subsection "MIPS under IRIX 6" but
>   no section regarding Linux/MIPS.
> Please just read the first 10 lines or so of that chapter.
> I'm sure you will succeeed!

I've read the first 10 lines of that chapter again, and I cannot see the
solution of the adventure game through which you want to chase me.

I'm attempting this build because a GNU package (GNU mpfr) is asking for
portability testing [1], and this package has GNU gmp as a prerequisite.
GNU package developers should "pay attention to making the program work
well with the rest of the GNU system" [2]. Therefore, please, to help
me test GNU mpfr, deal with me in a constructive manner.

The Linux/mips builds in 64-bit mode and in n32 mode succeeded (and allowed
me to test GNU mpfr in these modes); the one in 32-bit mode failed, and
I am stuck there.



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