Linking failure on aarch64

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Thu Jul 2 14:15:53 UTC 2020

Hans Åberg <haberg-1 at> writes:

  > On 2 Jul 2020, at 00:49, Torbjörn Granlund <tg at> wrote:
  > (I actually attempted installing Apple's compiler bundle "Xcode" with
  > support for arm64, in order to work out some of these issues.
  > Unfortunately, Apple's documentaton was too lacking for a successful
  > install.)

  Exactly what did not work?

It did not behave as a normal release.  It did not install in a place
where its commands finds its own subcommands.  The download pages and
associated documentation did not mention anything about how to install
it properly.

I.e., a complete waste of time.  I will not try again.

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