Make check fails on samsung S8 (2)

Marc Glisse marc.glisse at
Sat Aug 22 17:39:28 UTC 2020

On Wed, 19 Aug 2020, Luc Sanselme wrote:

> first of all, sorry for my previous bug report with confidentiality issues.
> I forgot to remove them before sending the mail.
> I installed gmp on my Samsung S8, running termux.
> Here are my environment informations:
> - gmp-6.2.0 from the tar.bz2 archive
> - make check fails
> - clang 10.0.1 aarch64-unknown-linux-android
> - uname -a: Linux localhost 4.4.153-16125356 #2 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jul 4
> 23:06:25 KST 2019 aarch64 Android
> - ./config.guess: arrch64-unknown-linux-gnu
> The error occurs on a make check. The two files attached are the output of
> stderror for make check and for ./configure

Ah, on your OS nl_langinfo is defined inline as a static function in 
langinfo.h, so the hack used in the test of redefining the function 
cannot work. I guess we are supposed to add some configure check that 
nl_langinfo can be redefined... although for just one platform we could 
add a simple #if like we already do for mingw, so the test is skipped.

This seems specific to termux:
which can be identified with __TERMUX__ after including some random header

Anyway, you can ignore this error, it only says that a hack in a test is 
failing, nothing wrong with the library itself.

Marc Glisse

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