ISO C forbids an empty translation unit again

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Fri Sep 6 17:54:21 UTC 2019


Il Lun, 2 Settembre 2019 11:48 pm, Dennis Clarke ha scritto:
> t-get_str.c +69:30: error: format specifies type 'void *' but the
> argument has type 'const char *' [-Werror,-Wformat-pedantic]
>        printf ("  want %p\n", want);
>                        ~~     ^~~~
>                        %s

> I know that is silly pedantic so I tossed in a (void *) cast and life
> goes onwards.

Silly, you are right. But serendipity spots a true oversight :-)

The line is inside the branch
  if (str != ret)

So, the correct line is
       printf ("  want %p\n", str);
or, to be pedantic,
       printf ("  want %p\n", (void *) str);

Corrected this too:



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