macOS Catalina: FAIL: t-powm

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Sat Nov 9 16:37:22 UTC 2019

Jack Howarth <howarth.mailing.lists at> writes:

         Are you just using...



  or are you explicitly passing -fstack-check to clang on CFLAGS and
  CXXFLAGS? I did notice one extra oddity to this bug. When the default stack
  checking in Xcode 11 clang is used, the t-powm test case fails. If you
  explicitly pass -fstack-check then it doesn't. Odd.

Perhaps you drop the various other options GMP chooses for CFLAGS?

These Catalina problems are real, but even with an Apple engineer
pointing fingers at us, I am not going to isolate yet another bug with
clang.  Sorry.

Of the many issues I've encountered over the years with clang and GMP,
all thus far were in clang.  I've used so much time isolating bugs with
clang to last a lifetime.

Sure, this may be a bug with GMP, but I strongly doubt that.  If history
teaches us anything, this problem will also be in clang.

If somebody isolates the problem and if it is in GMP, I will happily
work on resolving the problem as soon as I have the time.

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