Report: gmp-6.1.2 on MacOS 10.15 using GCC and two Clang

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Fri Nov 8 14:48:25 UTC 2019

Hans Åberg <haberg-1 at> writes:

  > On 20 Oct 2019, at 22:14, Torbjörn Granlund <tg at> wrote:
  > Believe it or not, but the GMP devs are pretty good at computer
  > arithmetic.

  How about memory allocations? — There is info here, suggesting
  uninitialized memory access in the test suite:

What are you trying to contribute to the discussion in the Subject line?

Apple suggests that the stack pointer is not properly aligned.

The quoted text does not seem to have anything to do with the issue at

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