configure sometimes misses passing LDFLAGS when testing linker

Niels Möller nisse at
Tue Mar 26 15:33:10 UTC 2019

Jameson Nash <vtjnash at> writes:

> There are a couple tests in ./configure which try to link binaries, but
> which don't propagate the LDFLAGS. In some cases, the compiler doesn't work
> at all without those (notably, seen on FreeBSD when trying to use new-ish
> gcc versions).

For context, it would be good to know the resulting errors and the
missing flags for this failure case.

> This patch updates to pass along the linker
> flags to tests that are trying to use the linker. I think that's the right
> fix?

If the tests in don't try variations of LDFLAGS, I think
it's better to add $LDFLAGS at the needed place(s) in the macro
definitions in acinclude.m4.

>From a quick look, GMP_PROG_CC_WORKS_PART_TEST looks like the only of
the related macros that depend on the linker; most tests invoke the
compiler with -c or -S.


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