Likely GMP bug

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Fri May 25 20:30:19 UTC 2018

Dennis Clarke <dclarke at> writes:

  I have run all the testsuite, both with the assembly and without, on a
  pure 32-bit Debian machine and see no errors anywhere.

Our machine runs gentoo with gcc 6.4.0.  (Not sure if the exact machine

datan$ somepath/gmp/configure CFLAGS="-m32 -g -fsanitize=undefined -fno-sanitize-recover" --disable-shared --disable-assembly ABI=32 && make && make check TESTS= INTERPRETER=)

datan$ GMP_CHECK_RANDOMIZE=140064609456624 tests/mpq/t-cmp_ui
gcd_1.c:187:13: runtime error: shift exponent 32 is too large for 32-bit type 'long unsigned int'

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