Configure unable to recognize mipsisa64r2el triplets

Jiaxun Yang jiaxun.yang at
Wed Mar 28 14:20:38 UTC 2018

在 2018-03-28三的 15:54 +0200,Torbjörn Granlund写道:
> Jiaxun Yang <jiaxun.yang at> writes:
>   > I've never seen "mipsisa64r2el" before.
>   Yes, it's rare. However, according to config.sub from GCC [1], it's
> not
>   illegal.
> Good! We woudn't want to be gaoled for a CPU moniker!
>   I ran it on a LFS rootfs provided by Loongson (A Chinese MIPS64r2
>   processor).
>   [1]
> It seems that GMP's configfsf.sub also has that.  Now, I have no idea
> what it means.  Is is just a novel name for mips64r2el or is it
> somehow
> a different ABI?

It should be a novel name of mips64r2el. I don't know if mips64r2el is
illegal but it doesn't recognize by config.sub .

> If you make the obvious change to, then build twice,
> once
> with --disable-shared and once with --disable-static, does
>   make && make check
> run to without any errors.  (OK, you told me you were cross
> compiling,
> so perhaps that will require some intermediary command.  And "make
> check
> TESTS=" for just building the tests would perhaps be useful.)

Yes I've tried the tests on a Loongson target system with a native
build. After use mips64* instead of mips*64* in configure and set ABI
to ABI=64. No error was reported. I'm not sure if this change will
break other MIPS systems. But since all MIPS triplets with *64*
included should support 64 o32 N32 ABIs, probably it's going to work
just fine.

Jiaxun Yang <jiaxun.yang at>
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