speed -P

paul zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at inria.fr
Thu Mar 15 09:56:30 UTC 2018


there is a bug in the -P option of speed in GMP 6.1.2:

$ ./speed -P foo -s 1-1000 mpn_mul_n
$ gnuplot --persist foo.gnuplot

If you look at the caption, the _ character in mpn_mul_n is interpreted as
a subscript in Gnuplot (I have gnuplot 5.2 patchlevel 2), thus mpn_mul_n is
not correctly printed. (See Section 1.14 Enhanced text mode of "info gnuplot".)

A workaround is to add "set termoption noenhanced" in the foo.gnuplot file.

Another workaround is to replace title "mpn_mul_n" by title "mpn\\_mul\\_n"
(don't ask me why one \ does not work...)

Best regards,

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