Failure building on HP-UX with more than 2 threads (internal bug #4308)

Mișu Moldovan misu.moldovan at
Wed Jun 6 11:04:52 UTC 2018

On 12/06/17 16:25, Torbjörn Granlund wrote:
> Mișu Moldovan <misu.moldovan at> writes:
>    On HP-UX, we run into a failure in building GMP.  Probably not a fault
>    of your library, but I suppose you would like to know of this anyway,
>    as per
>    In short, when using more than 2 threads for compiling GMP, the
>    building fails.  In the attached bug report I've tried to follow the
>    indications in the above link.  Do let me know if there's anything
>    more we can do to document the issue.  And please let us know your
>    thoughts on this.  Thanks!

> IIUC, you here somewhere issue a command "make" which reads the MAKE and
> PARALLEL environment variables, then that command fails.
> Unfortunately, we do not support parallel builds except with GNU make.
> I will check to so that this is properly documented in our manual.

Hi again,

Just wanted to let you know I found a workaround for this particular 
issue.  We are able to build GMP on HP-UX with more than 2 threads using 
the HP-UX C++ compiler, when invoked as an ANSI C compiler, for example 
with CC="/opt/aCC/bin/aCC -Ae".  Maybe worth documenting on your side?

The commit in our public repo:

Thank you again for GMP!

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