parallel make bug in tune/ directory

Vincent Lefevre vincent at
Thu Feb 15 12:27:16 UTC 2018

On 2018-02-15 13:07:32 +0100, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
> Vincent Lefevre <vincent at> writes:
>   The user always has the right to use the -j option if he wants to.
> Thanks for clarifying that, Vincent!
> Unfortunately, the result will be a build error in the tune subdir.  But
> I assume the GMP developers have The Right to release GMP without
> parallel developer subdir builds?  :-)
>        If '.NOTPARALLEL' is mentioned as a target, then this invocation of
>        'make' will be run serially, even if the '-j' option is given.  Any
>        recursively invoked 'make' command will still run recipes in
>        parallel (unless its makefile also contains this target).  Any
>        prerequisites on this target are ignored.
> Patch?

Attached. Before this change, "make tune" was failing (I don't have
to specify -j explicitly since this is the default config on my
machines, hence the particular importance of .NOTPARALLEL). After
this change, "make tune" runs sequentially and I don't get a build
failure for tune ("make tune" failed with an abort just because
"speed_measure() could not get 4 results within 1.0%" I assume).

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diff -r 164971d5c8d0 tune/
--- a/tune/	Sat Feb 10 18:05:32 2018 +0100
+++ b/tune/	Thu Feb 15 13:22:08 2018 +0100
@@ -180,3 +180,5 @@
 	echo "#include \"mpz/fac_ui.c\""             >>fac_ui.c
 include ../mpn/

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