GMP build issues on Solaris 10 UltraSPARC

Sad Clouds cryintothebluesky at
Thu Nov 9 09:51:21 UTC 2017


+      [ultrasparct[12]])
+			gcc_cflags_cpu="-mcpu=niagara -mcpu=v9"
+			gcc_32_cflags_asm="-Wa,-Av8plusc -Wa,-xarch=v8plusc"
+			gcc_64_cflags_asm="-Wa,-Av9c -Wa,-xarch=v9c";;

Using -xarch=v8plusc is wrong for UltraSPARC T1 and T2 processors, since they don't support VIS3 instructions set. This results in the following errors when using Sun assembler

hardware capability (CA_SUNW_HW_1) unsupported: 0x400

GNU assembler states that:

?-Av8plusc? and ?-Av9c? enable the UltraSPARC Niagara instructions, as well as the instructions enabled by ?-Av8plusb? and ?-Av9b?. 

However this is wrong, since with Sun/Oracle compilers this option is used for SPARC64 VI processor.

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