gmp_snprintf tries to allocate 18 EB on long strings

Vincent Lefevre vincent at
Tue May 23 19:34:20 UTC 2017

Consider the following program:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <gmp.h>

int main(void)
  int r;
  long n = -1;

  r = gmp_snprintf (NULL, 0, "%2147483600s%100s%ln", "", "", &n);
  printf ("%d %ld\n", r, n);
  return 0;

On my Debian/unstable x86_64 machine (GMP 6.1.2 provided by the Debian
package), I get after 273 seconds:

GNU MP: Cannot allocate memory (size=18446744071562067968)

Wow! 18 EB! Actually this is close to 2^64. I suspect a conversion
of a negative value to size_t as a consequence of an integer

As a comparison, if I just use snprintf (glibc function), I get the
result -1 -1 after 12 seconds (the first value must be negative,
the second one may be regarded as unspecified due to the EOVERFLOW

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